Inspired by a European heritage and Argentine upbringing, Solange set foot with a balanced blend.

S-MODE was founded in 1997, as an elegant and feminine label, and rapidly became the leading brand for swimsuits in the region. 

Argentina is known in the world for a number of characteristics and legacy: Gauchos, Pampas, Patagonia, Polo, and Tango, which are all concepts that conform to its identity. Inspired by this strong identity, designs incorporate local elements like guanaco wool, low-grade silver (also known as alpaca), horn, and pampa-style designs. 

Combining an elegant taste with a fresh vivid style, our added value revolves around handcrafted outlooks and hand-embroidered ends, with the consciousness of incorporating recycled goods. In this fashion, we have a strong input from our design team to make unique embroidered accessories. Which later act as base material in other designs in order to recycle threads and scraps. 

As a vision of transforming the heart of Argentina’s economic and social development, our mission is to provide and offer work to local artisan communities all around the region, in this way giving back our conformity to our origins.